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3D 라이다
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MOPA 레이저

MOPA 레이저

◈ 3D 라이다 핵심부품

◈ 1,550nm 파장대 (Eye-safety)

◈ 소형 및 경량 설계 가능


Eye-safety 파장대


Pulse Repetition Frequency10kHz20kHz30kHz40kHz50kHz
Up to 1MHz
Operating Wavelength1535.82nm
Energy Per pulse43.2uJ22.7uJ15.7uJ11.9uJ9.5uJ
Peak Power28.4kW14.9kW10.3kW7.83kW6.25kW
Average Power438mW454mW470mW475mW475mW
Max. 1.5W
Pulse WidthLess than 1.45ns
Beam QualitySingle Mode / M^2 : 1.05
Pigtail length30cm
Fiber TypeSMF-28
Output TerminationFC/APC
Power ConsumptionTypical < 30W (Max. 45W)
CurrentTypical 4A (Max. 8A)
Temperature< 31℃

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