Long range

Short range

Vehicle mount type

Sea fog detection/measurement

Sea fog detection LiDAR


Ensures early detection of the fog formed above the sea and moving inland allowing to prepare for decreased visibility in advance.
Detection range (5 to 20 km) can be set during the installation depending on the target.

  • All-weather : Fogs, Plumes, Clouds, Aerosols, Asian dusts
  • Continuous (24 hour 365 day)
  • 3-D distribution of airborne particles
  • Diurnal and seasonal PBL variation
  • Aerosol shape detection
  • Microphysical characteristics of clouds


Coaxial System

Dust-free design

Wide dynamic range

High-performance CCD camera

Zoom & real-time display

Fully computerized scanning

Scan display on map

Extremely stabilized configuration

Unique S/Ws

[Horizontal observation]

[Vertical observation]

Asian dust detection/measurement

Asian dust detection LiDAR


  • Asian dust monitoring, physical study of aerosols and clouds
  • Observation of the asian dust phenomenon, vertical distribution and time-series change
  • Non-polarized photometry (532 nm -P, -S polarization)
  • Continuous 24-hour observation and automatic data transfer
  • Differential Absorption LiDAR: DIAL
  • High spatial resolution (high-speed DAQ)
  • Meteorological Administration (Baekryeongdo, Munsan, Gunsan)

Chemical/biological attack detection LiDAR


  • Aerosol monitoring and early warning for biochemical particles
  • Vehicle mounted automatic scanning system (roof-top)
  • Integrated weather information and automatic map display system
  • Close-range detection function
  • High-repetition low-level laser (eye-safety)
  • Security (G-20, etc.)

Aerosol detection LiDAR


  • Close-range (up to 10 km) aerosol detection LiDAR
  • Mist, fog, fine dust, gas detection function
  • 90° (V), 360° (H) 3D data acquisition and display
  • Compact (15 kg), easy to install

Mobile LiDAR


  • Basic Specifications
    • Maximum measuring distance: 20 km or more
    • Distance resolution: 3 m or more
    • Observation accuracy: ± 3 m
  • Transmitter
    • Laser
      • Type: Flash lamp pumping type Nd: YAG high power
      • Wavelength: 1064 nm (infrared), 532 nm (visible light)
    • Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF): 30 Hz or higher
    • Beam expander: 5x more
    • Optical alignment device: Wedge pair type
  • Receiver
    • Receiving telescope: 200 mm or more in diameter
    • Spectrum analyzer: Analog channel, photon count channel
    • Photodetector: PMT, APD
  • Signal Processor
    • Analog mode: Waveform digitizer
    • Photon counting mode: Photoncounter