2D LiDAR Sensor

Obstacle Detection Sensor


  • Domestic compact and lightweight obstacle detection sensors
  • Performs obstacle detection and enables interval-specific warning/protection setting
  • Safe sensor certified products
    (ISO 13849, ISO61496-1,3 CE certifications)

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Model name JS-D6N1 Interface RS 422
Field of application Obstacle Detectors (Indoor) I/O Ports Inputs 4/Outputs 4(add10)
Lidar principle Time of Rlight (ToF) Protective structure IP 66
Light source Semiconductor Laser diode (λ=905nm) Power source DC 10V ~ 30V (DC24V)
Laser class 1 (eye-safe, IEC/EN 60825-1) Operate temperature -10˚ ~ +50˚
Scan angle Max 270˚ (now 180˚) Max, range with 10% reflectivity 5m
Angular resolution 1˚ (Laser PRF 5kHz~50kHz) Object remission 5% ~ 1,000% (reflectors)
Operating range 0m~10m Weight 600g
Scan time 20Hz External dimension(WxDxH) 105 x 105 x 133 mm
Numver of field sets 16 field

* However, scan angle may vary depending one the communication method and the scanning time.


  • EMC 테스트 인증 (IEC/EN61496-2:2019, IEC/EN61496-3:2019)
  • ISO 13849-1: EN ISO 13849-1: PL 2 등급 인증
  • IEC 62061: IEC/EN 62061: SIL d 등급 인증