Sensors essential for ensuring the safety of firefighters and the rescue of victims

Fire Safety 3D LiDAR Sensor

Fire Safety 3D LiDAR Sensor

  • Detects objects ahead in thick smoke (smoke penetration)
  • Facilitating the rescue of victims (exposed to fire) and ensuring the safety of firefighters.
  • Can be worn by firefighters on fire scene (real-time display included)

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3840 x 2160 high-resolution images

Smoke penetration


Mostly uses 905 nm wavelength band
Malfunction due to poor performance in bad weather

Low resolution (300*128) due to the channel method
Inaccurate object identification issue

Moving parts or MEMS FOV limits

Competitive advantages of JSLiDAR

Adopted 1550 nm

Strong in bad weather, excellent object recognition

Required for 1550 nm laser wavelength and autonomous vehicles
There are only 2 or 3 companies in the world that implement MEMS-based 3D LiDAR (including JSLiDAR)

High resolution (3840 * 2160)
Accurate 3D object recognition

- No Moving Parts

(Full MEMS-based LiDAR Scanning System)

- Wider FOV

(Collaborating with the German company Fraunhofer, technical advisor)


(Transmitter-Receiver Uniaxial STructure)
Scan Angle 45˚ horizontal field-of-wiew
30˚ vertical field-of-view
Pulse Repetition Frequency (data) Up to 1MHz Power Consumption < 30W
Operating Wavelength 1,550 nm(eye safety) Angular Resolution 12urad
Detection Range ~150m Frame Rate Up to 20 frame/s
Size 165 x 100 x 128(nm) [ W x H x D ] Resolution 3840 x 2160 (adjustable)
Weight 1.2Kg