MEMS Mirror Based

Automotive 3D LiDAR sensor


  • Home-manufactured compact and lightweight screen door (PSD) sensor
  • Detects passengers and objects stuck in the screen door (over 2 m in height, detection distance over 5 m)

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Mostly uses 905 nm wavelength band Malfunction due to poor performance in bad weather

Low resolution (300*128) due to the channel method Inaccurate object identification issue

Moving parts or MEMS FOV limits

Competitive advantages of JSLiDAR

Adopted 1550 nm

Strong in bad weather, excellent object recognition

There are only 2 or 3 companies in the world that implement MEMS-based 3D LiDAR required for 1550 nm laser wavelength and autonomous vehicles (including JSLiDAR)

Ensuring high resolution (400*150)
Accurate 3D object recognition

- No Moving Parts

(Full MEMS-based LiDAR Scanning System)

- Wider FOV

(Collaborating with the German company Fraunhofer, technical advisor)


Model name
Lidar principle
time of Flight (ToF)
Current consumption
200mA or less (4.8W)
Scan method Use a rotating mirror (laser scan type) Angular resolution 0.11˚ (Laser PRF 33kHz)
Light source Semiconductor laser diode (λ=905nm) Scan angle 130˚
Laser class 1 (eye safe) Scan time 100msec/scan (moter 10Hz)
Power source 24V DC ±5% External dimension ( W x d x H ) 120 x 120 x 80mm