3D LiDAR Core Components

MOPA Laser

MOPA Laser

  • 3D LiDAR Core Components
  • 1,550nm wavelength band (eye-safety)
  • Compact and lightweight design

Eye-safe waveband


Pulse Repetition Frequency 10kHz 20kHz 30kHz 40kHz 50kHz
Up to 1MHz
Operating Wavelength 1535.82nm
Energy Per pulse 43.2uJ 22.7uJ 15.7uJ 11.9uJ 9.5uJ
Peak Power 28.4kW 14.9kW 10.3kW 7.83kW 6.25kW
Average Power 438mW 454mW 470mW 475mW 475mW
Max. 1.5W
Pulse Width Less than 1.45ns
Beam Quality Single Mode / M^2 : 1.05
Pigtail length 30cm
Fiber Type SMF-28
Output Termination FC/APC
Power Consumption Typical < 30W (Max. 45W)
Current Typical 4A (Max. 8A)
Temperature < 31℃