JSLiDAR is fostering competitive talent

through its advanced human resource policy.

JSLiDAR has the highest technical expertise and market competitiveness in the domestic information security industry, its excellent technical base and extensive experience allowing it to position itself as an integrated solution business partner and aim to become a global group.



JSLiDAR employs experts with excellent know-how and expertise in the field of information security.
JSLiDAR provides opportunities for continuous education to allow its talent to widen their knowledge and successfully adapt to the ever-changing world.



Challenge the future!
JSLiDAR welcomes those who with a higher vision who do not fear to take on difficult challenges to achieve their dreams.



In the rapidly changing world, creativity is a necessity.
JSLiDAR offers a solid foundation and support for those who wish to have dreams and wish to start pursuing them.



We seek those who can ride the wave of globalization.
Pursue your dreams and make them global with JSLiDAR.